Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Successful Service Day at Rivoli Park Labyrinth

On April 12th, 2014 a fine group of volunteers from Pro(Act) Community Partnerships, Inc assembled to devote their Saturday to service at the Rivoli Park Labyrinth on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. You can view more photos of our workday at www.facebook.com/rplabyrinth

The mission of Pro(Act) is to activate and equip youth for service.  Through weekly service projects these youth learn values such as integrity, humility and confidence. We saw many young leaders emerge from the crews that worked on the landscaping needs at the Rivoli Park Labyrinth this weekend.
The plan is to plant bushes that attract butterflies on these berms that the youth helped to create. The mulch that is being laid down in the labyrinth path will make the path more welcoming to visitors.  All the work that was done by the forty some volunteers on Saturday prepared the way for our upcoming event to commemorate World Labyrinth Day. On May 3rd at 1 o'clock we hope that you will join us in walking the Rivoli Park Labyrinth. You are also invited to stay and view the community art installation and participate in an art activity as well.

This awesome day of service was an outgrowth of the friendships that have come into being because of the Focus 2020 initiative of the Peace Learning Center. Derrin Slack and Ed Stites were leaders of the volunteer crew during our day of service.

Derrin as executive director of Pro(Act) and Ed Stites as the director of community outreach at Recycle Force also received community action grants through Focus 2020.  Partnerships supporting each other's respective missions, such as this service day, among the Focus 2020 grantee cohort have assisted in making Indianapolis a more engaged city. Follow this link to learn more about how you can be a part of the community action that is happening because of Focus 2020.