Saturday, March 8, 2014

By the end of March, twenty-one wood panels, decorated by artists throughout the community, will be ready to be installed on this fence that stands by the Rivoli Park Labyrinth.
The community art installation will be hung for public viewing year round.  I am so grateful to all the artists who have contributed their talents towards beautifying this outdoor labyrinth space.  I prepared the panels so that they would co-ordinate no matter how uniquely the artists chose to decorate them.  The circles suggest the outer edge of the labyrinth itself and facilitated the use of natural curves.  Some artists have even created mandalas in the circle provided.

Several of the artists go to the nearby elementary school, Brookside.  Here is a student working intently on finishing her panel. 
Another group of adult artists that contributed their artistic talents participate in a community art class.  Here is our teacher, Chris Tower, working on creating a panel for the art installation as well.
Several more individual artists are completing panels to be ready for installation. Most of the artists are using nature as their inspiration to interpret the words community, reflection, and peace. The Rivoli Park Labyrinth strives to be a place of peace and reflection in the community.  Some artists are basing their painting on a thoughtful quote. My picture below is a waterfall with a rainbow emanating from it to depict the word renewal.
I have posted more photos of the completed panels on the Rivoli Park Labyrinth Indianapolis public Facebook page,  The best way to see them all is to come to the community art installation opening on World Labyrinth Day, May 3rd, 2014.  We will have a facilitated walk of the Rivoli Park Labyrinth at 1 pm and the opening right after the walk.  The purpose of World Labyrinth Day, which happens every year on the first Saturday of May, is to have people around the world walk their labyrinth at the same time in a gesture of unity.  If you would like to join us, please contact me at